Thursday, October 22, 2009

Big Machine-- Victor LaValle

"Who is Victor LaValle?" asks the back of this book. "Well, that's a good question," I thought when I saw it. And then I saw that the likes of Mos Def, Kevin Brockmeier, and Amy Bloom were quoted beneath the question, attempting to answer it. Now: this is a crazy and awesome mix of folks, and I was hooked as soon as I saw it. And though almost all of their answers posit that Victor LaValle is a combination of various OTHER people I may or may not have heard of, I will go ahead and think of him as a combo of these three.

This genre-bender is interesting and suspenseful. Its lack of allegiance to any single genre keeps the reader guessing--anything in the world might happen next! No predicting this sucker. By turns surprising and thoughtful and dark, the book is hilarious throughout. I really enjoyed the writing, too. This was a good read.


  1. Heard him read two chapters from it at The New School a few weeks ago. It was a fantastic reading and Q&A. Just got the book.

  2. Sounds great...this is the kind of thing I could do--your comment made me reflect--if I ever hauled myself the 30 miles to NYC. I bet it was very interesting. Hope you enjoy the book!